Vysvetliť vašu prácu niekedy nie je ľahké. Ak chcete, aby vaši blízki vedeli, čo to vlastne robíte, skúste použiť tieto tipy:

Exposure blotter is a centralized environment, providing a general overview of all exposure positions coming from various sources like MM, SD (Logistics) modules, imports from external systems or manually created. The whole life-cycle of trading is monitored and controlled via centralized platform – Deal blotter. The video presents end-to-end, hedging business cases in the Exposure […]

At the end of February, we participated as a SAP partner in regular newly developed functionalities testing at SAP head office in Walldorf.

We are looking for a new colleague to join our ABAP team.

One of our partners has suggested us to visit Euro Finance conference organised by the Economists.

Last year we have finally started to advertise ourselves more actively.