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We can assist you with more than standard SAP Treasury implementation

Complex in House build SAP Enhancements

We design, develop and implement unique in house built solutions enhancing the SAP standard functionality in area of Treasury and Risk management and general Finance. Contact us to find more about our accelerators for trading platform connectivity, market data imports, reporting and many others.

Standard SAP Implementations

Our team of senior experts allows us to design and deliver complex solutions in areas of core Treasury a Risk Management including, Exposure Management, Commodity Management, Cash and Liquidity Management, ERP Financials in general and Logistics.

Solutions for Management of Financial Investments

Over the years, we have managed to develop SAP based solution specifically designed for Funds asset management industry. Our solution covers not only the management of investments, but also the liabilities side – investment accounts.

System support

We have a team of support consultants and internal infrastructure allowing us to support multiple clients with guaranteed SLA. Most of our implementation clients enter also into support agreement with us and thus we can further develop solutions we have implemented and assure that they are properly maintained.


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our clients

Our solutions help businesses based in Slovakia, Czech Republic and abroad to thrive.

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Škoda Auto a.s.
Automobile industry
S/4 HANA Implementation of Cash Management and
Liquidity Planning. Bank Communication and Bank Account Management implementation. Support of Global Treasury platform. Integration of payments and bank statements into a new eCommerce platform. Support of FI module. Support of FI-CA module.
Etihad Etisalat (Mobily)
Telecommunications services
Centralized S/4 HANA Payment Factory implementation using Advanced Payment Management module. Treasury and Risk Management implementation. H2H integrations to 8 different local and global banks using SAP MBC. Automatizations in both payment and bank statement processing. Cash and Liquidity planning.
Raiffeisen Investičná spoločnosť, Raiffeisen Penzijná spoločnosť
Financial services
Overall SAP TRM and FI implementation. In TRM a custom development for asset and funds management. Automatic online download of market data from Bloomberg and automatic interface to bank systems and depository bank.
Emirates Global Aluminium
Aluminum processing
Greenfield SAP Treasury and Risk Management implementation. State of the art “No local footprint” payment integrations to 4 major banks including BCM implementation. 360T interface for FX trading. Interface with both Reuters & Bloomberg. GL transfer interface and many TRM custom functional developments. SWIFT integration for payments and bank statements.
KBC Asset Managment Group
Financial services
SAP migration and update – maintenance of Slovak funds in Czech Republic.
Generali Investments CEE
Financial services
Overall solution development for funds management based on IS SAP and system service for Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania.
Kooperativa poisťovňa
Financial services
Complex solutions for maintenance of financial allocations. Euro conversion; support; new function development for Treasury & Risk Management.
ČSOB Asset Management, ČSOB Penzijná spoločnosť
Financial services
Complex solutions for portfolio management of pension and investment company. Central solution implementation and SAP system support.

about us

Dynamic team with an extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the area of financial and IT services providing exceptional solutions.

Michal Zátopek
Dalibor Raduch

Team treasury provides consultancy services focused on Financial supply chain management module of the system SAP. Our skilled consultants with long years’ experience aim to design and implement the SAP solution for Treasury management fulfilling your financial decision making and reporting requirements. In-house developed enhancements bring added value to your current system and are able to enhance your experience. Following and incorporating the most current trends in the financial environment into our product portfolio is crucial for us. We can support you in the phase of your reporting standards shifts and can help to bring SAP solution to the required form.

The product portfolio supported by the treasury team includes investment management solutions, hedge management, cash management and liquidity planning, commodity management and analytical tools provided by SAP. Long time relationships with our clients – mostly financial institutions and manufacture companies, document the quality and sustainability of our solutions.

Our SAP Finance Team is not just a service provider; we are your strategic partner in achieving excellence in financial processes. We offer comprehensive SAP services tailored to your unique financial landscape.

Our experts possess in-depth knowledge and cross-industry experience, which allow us to integrate seamless, intelligent finance processes into your new or existing infrastructure. Leveraging the latest SAP technologies, we empower you to optimize cash flow, manage risks, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

With a strong footprint in Central Europe and the Middle East, we understand the intricacies of doing business in these diverse markets.

We are committed to driving innovation in SAP financial solutions, ensuring you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving financial environment.

Our partnership doesn't end at go-live; we continue to offer long-term support to ensure your systems adapt and scale with your business. Benefit from proactive monitoring, timely updates, and continuous improvement strategies that keep you at the forefront of financial management technology.

Zatopek Consulting has developed a fund administration solution – management of client accounts. The team named after this solution (SAP AC) is providing a variety of services supporting client accounts in SAP. To extend this unique functionality each member of a team has been specifically trained to be able propose, adopt and support Client accounts in business focusing on management of investment funds and individual client accounts, funds trading, transfer agents or pensions.

Our team supports full-scale implementation of solution, helps you to define and develop required enhancement or to select most suitable part of solution. Later, the growth of maturity of Client accounts is secured by regular product patches delivering by AC consultants. Last but not least your daily business will not stay alone, because our team stays with you on daily basis support for your Client center, Sales channels or fund asset managers.

The ABAP development team provides all types of programming activities necessary for the quality delivery of services and solutions to our customers and partners. They work closely with all teams such as Treasury, Finance and Banking, Basis, QA (Quality assurance), etc.

Our team provides comprehensive development on SAP backend and frontend as well as interfacing between SAP or non-SAP systems. We focus on the latest development trends and development tools as per the current SAP standard recommendations. The quality and comprehensiveness of the delivered solution is very important to us, also focusing on performance and required security. In addition to rigorous analysis, development and testing, we also ensure the delivery of high quality and detailed technical documentation for the solution.

We are a team of specialists in the area of sap basis, who have many years of experience in technical design, implementation and support of sap solutions in on-premise, sap cloud or hybrid solutions.

We have experience in conversion/migration from SAP ERP to SAP S/4 HANA and also in conversion of Oracle, ASE, MS SQL databases to SAP HANA database.

We support customers in their day-to-day SAP activities, proactively monitor the customer's system environment, regularly check the security of the system environment and reliably resolve any issues that arise.

Our base team provides customers with solutions that are based on standardization and automation of processes, using best practices and using innovations and new technologies.

Our basis team offers a wide range of technical services to ensure the smooth functioning of the SAP system and environment, below are some of the standard services provided by the basis team:

1. Installation and Configuration: the Basis team installs and configures the SAP system, including the setup and configuration of the database, application server, and other technical components required to run the SAP system.

2. Monitoring and maintenance of the system: the Basis team monitors the SAP system to ensure that it runs smoothly, performs regular system maintenance activities such as applying patches, updates and service packs.

3. User management:The Basis team manages user accounts in the SAP system, including creating new users, assigning roles and permissions, and managing user passwords.

4. Backup and recovery: the Basis team regularly backs up the SAP system and performs SAP system recovery activities in the event of a system failure.

5. Performance tuning: The Basis team monitors system performance and makes necessary changes to improve performance, such as tuning database and application server settings.

6. Security management: the Basis team ensures the security of the SAP system, including implementing security policies, managing user roles and permissions, and monitoring system activity for potential security breaches.

7. Interface management:The Basis team monitors the integration of the SAP system with other systems, such as third-party software or external data sources.

8. Transport management:The Basis team manages the transfer of changes in the SAP system from the development to the test and production environments.

9. System upgrades: The Basis team manages the SAP upgrade process, including planning and testing the upgrade as well as executing the upgrade itself.

10. SAP Environment Management: The Basis team manages the SAP Solution Manager system, which is used to manage the SAP environment and support business processes.

Our QA Team focuses on the maintenance of the high level of quality in a service and delivered product towards customers. Our colleagues concentrate their attention to every stage of the process of delivery from the early analytical phases and requirements definitions, through the phase of development up to the final product release.

Besides our standard activities such as creating of testing documentation, preparing data or the test executions we orient ourselves to the proper setting of the QA processes, definition of both testing methodology and testing strategy as well as support and management of testing itself and assisting our clients during their UAT. We dwell on the exclusive approach and setting of our services according to individual needs of every customer what is consequently adjusted in counselling and selecting of proper tools for quality management and the metrics for their monitoring.

Operations department is the support department at the interface between the external customer and the internal customer or individual operational teams in order to maintain the quality of our services. It coordinates and oversees activities at every level of the organization. Operations department helps improve the reputation of an organization and thus has a positive influence on its capability to achieve growth and stability goals.

Our team covers multiple areas such as marketing, accounting, business relationship management, facilities and human resources.

Our managers also play an essential part in assisting with company objectives by implementing operations to encourage productivity, customer satisfaction and employee retention.

Under main responsibilities of Operation department belong develop company policies, monitor compliance, and oversee projects and budgets.

Last but not least, Operation´s managers supervise the development and policy of human resources, training, and performance reviews.

The Portfolio Office (PFO) is made up of a group of professionals who provide support to the company's project managers and executives in connection with both customer and internal projects.

Their main tasks include:
- Defining and maintaining corporate standards and environment for project portfolio management
- Preparing and collaborating on project preparation and support throughout the all project lifecycle
- Initial setup of the project environment for new projects directory, templates
- Providing assistance to project managers and teams throughout the project/programme lifecycle (consultation, administrative support, Project Office services, etc.)
- Managing and developing tools for portfolio, project management - Jira, Confluence , etc.


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